There’s More to Puzzle and Activity Books

Than Just KDP and Printables

New niches with an old idea! Who knew?

Puzzle books and activity books for both adults and children are already a Billion Dollar Business

Ordinary people like you and me are making thousands of dollars each month creating these types of books and selling them on Amazon as print books or on sites like Etsy as pdf downloads or pdfs.

The best part about this type of book is that it is a consumable. Once customers have completed the activities or puzzles, they have to buy a new one.

And that is exactly what they do.  Over and over again.



Did you know that with the global health crisis the sales of those types of products sky rocketed even further?


With so many people being forced to stay home, people are desperate for different type of activities and things to do.

Parents of school age children are looking for resources that are both educational and fun for their kid’s to do during the day, as well as keeping themselves occupied.

There are an average of 22 000 searches on Google and 10 000 on Amazon a month just on ‘children activities”.

According to the World Economic Forum non-fiction book sales exploded. UK sales rose by a third, and the US saw a rise of 66%. The sales for eductional books in the UK went up by 234% in March last year.

“Interactivity and high play value were two characteristics tying all of this week’s best-selling juvenile titles together,” said Kristen McLean, NPD Group’s books industry analyst. “School at home combined with a higher demand for fun, in-house activities have lifted educational and activity book sales.”

World Economic Forum

During my research I was fascinated to see that the top selling books on Amazon in the category Children’s Activity Books are all for toddlers. 


But you know all this already. Kid’s activity books are popular but ….


 There are categories and products that everyone is ignoring

‘You have seen the activity books for kids littered across KDP and other Printable sites? The Math solutions, the  handwriting practice books etc. but what if I told you that you could do something similar but completely different.

This training will teach you how to do just that by creating some unique and fun interactive activities for your customers.

I am going to show you how to create these products and there are a lot of them. 

The training is video based and includes the following:

  • Creating layouts and templates in PowerPoint
  • Multiple Layout Ideas
  • Getting Creative
  • Creating a Printable Activity Book from Niranjan’s Puzzle Generator
  • Creating a Printable Activity Book from Hans’ Puzzle Maker Pro
  • Creating a Digital Activity Book for GoodNotes
  • Creating a Digital Activity Book for OneNote
  • Going beyond plain PDF printables – Creating DIY Activity Pockets and Activity Packs
  • Create Teacher’s Resources for Google Interactive Slides for Google Classroom
  • And other secret product ideas

You can use your existing content to target these markets and categories and put you ahead of the millions of other low content book creators.


10 Bonus Products Included ($348.97)

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What People are Saying about my Training Courses

Although there is a lot of mileage left yet in the publishing and sales of paper planners and journals, the current trend is towards digital products. There are many advantages for the end user, not the least of which is a lack of bulky books to carry around. Digital products make use of popular tablets, the main one of which is the iPad, although they can also be used on android products.

When I learned that Di Heuser of PLR Planners was publishing a course named “Digital Publishing Bonanza” which promised to unlock the secrets of making money by publishing digital planners, I couldn’t get signed up fast enough! Having bought from Di before, and knowing her to only release the highest possible quality products, I knew there was no risk involved and that I would be receiving excellent value for money. And I wasn’t disappointed!

I have since published several digital planners of my own which are enjoying sales via Etsy. When Di offered to feature original PLR products on her PLR Planners website, I submitted a planner for consideration. That was accepted and has since made more than twenty sales, paying for the “Digital Publishing Bonanza” course several times over – and then some.

I can honestly recommend to you anything that Di publishes. You are certain to receive the highest possible quality and value for money. This lady knows what she is talking about!

Dave Everett

I have really enjoyed learning how to make digital planners in the Digital Planner Bonanza course by Di Heuser. Everything is explained in easy to understand, bite-sized pieces, with clear videos for you to follow along. Also provided is a starter planner and extra resources such as covers and stickers included so you can get started making planners right away.

There is even training on how to set up your Etsy shop and upload the planners so you can start selling as soon as possible. I also purchased the additional upsells as they make getting started in this space even easier. I have made 2 planners so far and am working on several more.

Digital planner sales can only increase as more and more people switch from paper planners. Also there is the added advantage of being able to use as much color as you want without the high cost of color printing ink. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to diversify their book publishing business or get started on an Etsy business.

Marian Scales

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Will you be adding new training and product ideas?

A: Yes! I am always researching new product ideas and will share them with you in this particular niche.

QAre there any upsells?

A: No. This is it. You will get all the tools and resources you need to get started.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Nope. Sorry. You will getting a lot of commercial use resources from me which you can download when the training starts.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Please use the contact form to get hold of me.

Diana Heuser