Journal Accelerator & Cover Replicator

Launching Saturday, September 15th, 2018, 11 am EST

“Low content-No content” are very lucrative niches both on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. These three products will help your customers speed up their journal and cover production and save time creating content. 

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Front End – Journal Accelerator

$19.95 / 50% Commission

Consists of:

  • Full video training
  • Templates 
  • Sample files

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Back End – Cover Replicator

$27 / 50% Commission

Consists of:

  • Full video training
  • Templates and psd files
  • Sample files


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Upsell – Page Replicator Advanced

$37 / 50% Commission

Consists of:

  • Full video training
  • Templates and psd files
  • Sample files
  • Graphic files


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Swipe Files

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Be lazy and work smarter

A simple idea that will transform your journal business exponentially

Who knew Word could do this for me?

10 Unique planners and journals in 20 minutes?

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Publish 1k Books by Christmas… Here Is How…

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Swipe #1

Di Heuser took a simple Word function and radically transformed her journal and planner creation.

It’s so simple you will kick yourself for not figuring it out yourself.

Now you can find out how to exponentially explode your journal and planner product creation. Not only is she able to create more books more quickly, she was also able to create more complex books in less time than she ever thought would be possible…

In the training on this page (Journal Accelerator), She will going to show you how to use your favorite word processor, together with a spreadsheet software, to help you create your book manuscripts with just a few keystrokes.

In the first up-sell (Cover Replicator), She teaches you how to use Photoshop and a spreadsheet file to create a lot of customized book covers really quickly, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

In the second up-sell (Page Replicator Advanced),  She is going to show you how to combine Photoshop with your spreadsheet software to create an unlimited variety of Page Template Images that you can use inside your word processing software to make some really beautiful journal and planner book manuscripts. This offer even includes Photoshop Actions and PSD Template Files.

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People are literally making thousands of dollars per month, publishing journals, diaries and planners on the Amazon marketplace.

People love selling these things, because they are super easy to make, and people love to buy them.

With Di Heuser’s newest training “Journal Accelerator,” you will see how she and others are taking a two-hour process and compressing it to minutes, in the book creation part of the process.

Her training is just 30 minutes of video, but it will likely be the best 30 minutes you will invest in your personal knowledge this year.

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People are making thousands of dollars a month, publishing simple journals they sell on Amazon.

In fact, many are just publishing blank line journals and publishing them with unique covers and book titles.

Up until now, journals have easy to design and format, but they have been a bit time-consuming to produce, until now…

With Di Heuser’s latest training “Journal Accelerator,” you are going to learn how to create outstanding and unique journals in just a few minutes time, using software you probably already own…

Repeat after me… Microsoft Word…

It also works with Libre Office, Open Office and Pages for Mac, although the steps may be slightly different. The training will show you how to create these books lightning fast using Microsoft Word, so you will at least have an idea how to apply it to other word processing tools.

This is video training, and it will only take you 30 minutes to watch.

Once you have watched it, your excitement level will be off the charts, as you imagine what you will be able to do with Di’s training.

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If you have just 30 minutes to watch the training videos in Di Heuser’s “Journal Accelerator,” then you will be ready to cash in on Christmas journal sales on Amazon.

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