Anti-Anxiety Journal Bundle

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Introducing the Anti-Anxiety Journal – Your Path to Inner Peace and Empowerment!

This was included in the Spring Bundle 2023



Our Anti-Anxiety Journal is here to guide you on your journey to a calmer and more positive you!

Embrace Gratitude & Positivity

The foundation of a joyful life lies in gratitude and positivity. Our journal helps you foster these essential qualities through thought-provoking prompts:

  1. 5 Things That Made Me Smile: Reflect on the little moments that brightened your day and discover joy in the ordinary.
  2. What Am I Most Grateful For Today?: Cultivate a thankful heart by acknowledging the blessings in your life, big or small.
  3. Did I Make Someone Else Smile Today?: Find fulfillment in spreading happiness to others and watch as kindness ripples through your days.

Daily Check-In for Mindfulness

Stay mindful of your emotions, thoughts, and aspirations with our Daily Check-In section. This powerful routine will encourage self-awareness and emotional balance:

  1. Today’s Affirmation: Set a positive tone for your day by reinforcing beliefs that lift you up.
  2. I Woke Up Feeling: Gain insight into your emotions and better understand your starting point each day.
  3. What Do I Want to Feel Today?: Define your emotional intentions and align your actions with your desired state of mind.
  4. What Am I Currently Worried About?: Confront your worries head-on, so they lose their grip on your well-being.
  5. Why Am I Stressed/Anxious About This?: Uncover the root causes of your anxiety and pave the way for meaningful change.
  6. Things to Remind Myself When I Am Feeling Anxious: Equip yourself with empowering reminders to ease anxious moments.
  7. Things That Soothe Me: Discover your go-to coping strategies and embrace the power of self-soothing.
  8. What Went Well Today?: Celebrate your victories, no matter how small, and practice self-compassion.
  9. My Thoughts Throughout the Day: Observe your thought patterns, identify triggers, and cultivate a more positive inner dialogue.

Getting to the Root of It

Delve deeper into the source of your anxiety with insightful prompts that promote self-exploration and growth:

  1. How Does My Anxiety Affect My Relationship with Others?: Understand how anxiety impacts your interactions and pave the way for healthier connections.
  2. What Coping Mechanisms Work for Me and Why?: Embrace effective coping strategies and build a toolbox of techniques that serve you best.

And many more thought-provoking prompts that will help you uncover the hidden layers of your anxiety and chart a path towards inner peace.

Take this commercial product and rebrand it as your own.

This amazing planner can be resold on Etsy or KDP as Personal Use! If you get the bundle you can even sell the papers and stickers separately!

Here is what you get (You can decide if you want the BUNDLE, Print Only or Digital)


  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • PowerPoint GoodNotes format with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)
  • 5 Print Covers (JPG)
  • 20 Color Co-ordinated Digital Papers 12×12 (PNG)
  • 200+  Matching Stickers (PNG)

Print Planner:

  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • 5 Print Covers (JPG)

Digital Planner:

  • PowerPoint GoodNotes format with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)

What you can do with this journal:

  • Publish the Print version on Amazon
  • Sell on Etsy as a pdf, spiral bound version or PDF Digital planner
  • Give it away as a lead magnet to build up your list
  • Print physical copies and sell to local markets
  • Sell the digital versions for apps like GoodNotes


Take a peek at what’s inside 

Print Interior


Digital Interior


Print Covers


Digital Covers


Papers (Included in the Bundle)


Stickers (Included in the Bundle)


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