Astronomy Logbook Bundle

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Introducing the Astronomy Logbook: Your Companion to Celestial Exploration

This was included in the Spring Bundle 2023



Embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating realm of astronomy with our meticulously crafted Astronomy Logbook. Designed for both amateur stargazers and seasoned astronomers, this logbook is your indispensable companion for recording, documenting, and relishing your celestial adventures. Capture the wonders of the night sky, preserve your observations, and unlock the secrets of the cosmos with ease and elegance.

Unveiling the Stellar Features:

Moon Phases: Stay attuned to the ever-changing lunar cycles as you marvel at the celestial dance of our closest cosmic neighbor. The logbook includes an intuitive moon phase tracker, ensuring you never miss a fascinating lunar transformation.

Astrology Circle with Zodiac Signs: Delve into the ancient and intriguing art of astrology with our comprehensive astrology circle. Explore the twelve zodiac signs and their unique symbolism, enabling you to deepen your understanding of celestial influences and cosmic alignments.

Constellation Guide: Embark on a celestial treasure hunt and acquaint yourself with the stunning constellations that adorn the night sky. Our logbook provides detailed information on the names and shapes of these captivating star patterns, making it easy to identify and appreciate their beauty.

Observation Log: Immerse yourself in the art of observation with our meticulously structured log pages. Capture each celestial encounter by noting the date, time, location, GPS coordinates, observer details, seeing conditions, transparency levels, and the constellations that grace the canvas of your exploration. Document additional parameters such as humidity, focal length, wind/cloud conditions, finder and instrument details, and low and high power observations, allowing you to create a comprehensive record of each memorable event.

Notes and Sketch Pages: Unleash your creativity and jot down your thoughts, insights, and observations on dedicated notes pages. Accompany your writings with captivating sketches of the celestial wonders you encounter. Capture the essence of star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and other breathtaking phenomena as you bring the cosmos to life on the pages of your logbook.

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This amazing planner can be resold on Etsy or KDP as Personal Use! If you get the bundle you can even sell the papers and stickers separately!

Here is what you get (You can decide if you want the BUNDLE, Print Only or Digital)


  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • PowerPoint GoodNotes format with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)
  • 5 Print Covers (JPG)
  • 20 Color Co-ordinated Digital Papers 12×12 (PNG)
  • 200+  Matching Stickers (PNG)

Print Planner:

  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • 5 Print Covers (JPG)

Digital Planner:

  • PowerPoint GoodNotes format with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)

What you can do with this journal:

  • Publish the Print version on Amazon
  • Sell on Etsy as a pdf, spiral bound version or PDF Digital planner
  • Give it away as a lead magnet to build up your list
  • Print physical copies and sell to local markets
  • Sell the digital versions for apps like GoodNotes


Take a peek at what’s inside 

Print Interior


Digital Interior


Print Covers


Digital Covers


Papers (Included in the Bundle)


Stickers (Included in the Bundle)


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