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Unlock the Sweetest Opportunity for Your Business with Our Editable PLR Baking Recipe Journal

Are you ready to tap into the world of baking enthusiasts and home chefs while maximizing your revenue? Look no further! Our PLR Baking Recipe Journal is your golden ticket to sweet success. Crafted with love and designed with precision, this editable journal is the perfect tool for you to expand your business, reach new heights, and empower others to unleash their inner baker.

📚 What’s Inside:

1️⃣ Conversion Chart: No more struggling with measurement conversions! Your customers will find this handy guide invaluable as they embark on their baking adventures.

2️⃣ Recipe Index: Keep track of your favorite recipes with this beautifully organized index. Say goodbye to recipe chaos!

3️⃣ Recipe Templates: Ready to bake? These templates are here to guide your customers through their baking process, spaces for ingriedents, directions, prep & cooking time and space for photos!

🎨 Designed to Delight: Our PLR Baking Recipe Journal comes to life with exquisite dessert graphics and soothing pastel colors. It’s not just a journal; it’s a feast for the eyes! The aesthetic appeal will instantly draw your audience in, making it a delightful experience for them and a breeze for you to market.

🎯 Your Path to Success: With this PLR product in your toolkit, the possibilities are endless. Here’s why you should grab it now:

Editability: Our journal is in PowerPoint format, making it effortless to customize with your branding. Add your logo, change colors, or tweak the layout – it’s all up to you! Create a unique product that resonates with your audience.

Profit Potential: Once you’ve personalized your journal, save it as a PDF, and it’s ready to be sold or offered as part of your premium packages. The more you sell, the higher your profits!

Expand Your Audience: Whether you’re in the baking niche or looking to diversify, this journal can help you connect with a broader audience. Baking enthusiasts, food bloggers, or anyone with a sweet tooth will adore it.

Save Time and Effort: No need to create content from scratch. Our PLR Baking Recipe Journal is a time-saving solution that lets you focus on growing your business.

📈 Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity: The time is ripe to make a sweet investment in your business. Our PLR Baking Recipe Journal is your secret ingredient for success. Just a few clicks, and you’ll be on your way to offering a valuable resource to your audience, boosting your income, and taking your brand to new heights.

🎂 Sweeten Your Success with Our PLR Baking Recipe Journal! 🎂


  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • PowerPoint GoodNotes Layout Planner with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)
  • 10 Print Covers (JPG)
  • 25 Color Co-ordinated Digital Papers 12×12 (PNG)
  • 200+  Matching Stickers (PNG)
  • BONUS – Interactive Printable Dessert Recipes

Print Planner:

  • PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes
  • 10 Print Covers (JPG)

Digital Planner:

  • PowerPoint GoodNotes Layout Planner with linked tabs
  • 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)

what’s inside 

Print Interior


Digital Interior




Print Covers


Digital Covers


Papers (Included in the Bundle)


Clipart (Included in the Bundle)


Stickers (Included in the Bundle)


Please note there are NO refunds as this is a PLR product.

You may use this product for commercial use i.e. to create journals and planners to sell on e-commerce platforms or for clients.

You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with  PLR or MLR rights.

You may not sell the PowerPoint files at all

Once you purchase, you will find a link to download your files in your dashboard under the appropriate tab. 

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me. We normally respond within 24 hours with the possible exception of weekends. 

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