Cream Rose Sermon Journal

Full Commercial Use


This delicate floral 120 page sermon journal contains 2 pages per sermon in Word 8 x 10 format:

  • Sermon Topic
  • Notes
  • Church Events

Each page has a soft delicate graphic in pastel pink and green with the tables highlighted in a soft dusty pink.

There are 2 documents, one without any table coloring and one with.

Contains 1 month’s worth of Sermon Pages.

You can publish this as full color spiral bound journals, digital download PDFs or load onto Createspace as full color or grey scale journals

The pages are created as tables which means you can edit and color them in to your requirements. Change the graphics around quickly and easily. Watch the video below.

You can create multiple versions of the pages by changing fonts, adding new pages, coloring in the tables and adding additional images.

Within 10 minutes you can have a brand new planner ready for publication on Createspace, a spiral-bound POD printer of your choice or convert it into a pdf and sell it on your website or a site like Etsy.

Click on the images below to get a full scale view.


16 Jpg Templates Included



6 Cover Graphics Included



PSD File Included


Please note there are NO refunds as this is a PLR product.

You may use this product for commercial use i.e. to create journals and planners to sell on e-commerce platforms or for clients.

You MAY NOT sell this to other authors with  PLR or MLR rights.

Once you purchase, you will receive a link to download your files. 

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me. I normally respond within 24 hours with the possible exception of weekends.