As part of our on-going effort to help as many people as possible build an online creative business and provide them with both creative and business related skils, we have decided to open the Creative Business Academy.

We want to make it as affordable as possible to help you develop a strong business.

  • By subscribing to one of the streams below you get immediate access to all the training courses listed in the tables for the duration of your subscription.
  • We will be bringing out a minimum of one new training course each month.
  • You get full access to the new training courses as long as your subscription is active.
  • Mastermind subscribers will also have access to the Monthly Mastermind webinars.

You can still purchase any of the training courses at the full price if you want to retain lifetime access to the training.

Once you have paid for your subscription, all relevant training courses can be found under the Training tab in your dashboard.

Creative Training


Digital Planner Bonanza

Learn how to create digital planners with hyper-links for apps like GoodNotes and Notability using just PowerPoint

See more here: Digital Planner Bonanza

Digital Paper Alchemy

I will show you how to Create an Unlimited Supply of Beautiful Digital Papers that you can Use in Your Own Projects, Sell to Others and Repurpose into Multiple Products to Increase Your Income, even if You are Not a Designer.

See more here: Digital Paper Alchemy

Affinity Ease

. Learn how to create print and digital planners using Affinity Publisher. It has the Power of Photoshop and the Ease-of-Use of PowerPoint

See more here: Affinity Ease

OneNote Profit Streams

Only ONE seller is dominating this Low Competition High Profit niche on Etsy

How to use your existing planner assets to take advantage of this market now!!

See more here: OneNote Profit Streams

Photoshop Cover Mastery

More People Will Buy Your Books If They NOTICE Your Books
Learn How To Use Photoshop To Make Your Book Covers

See more here: Photoshop Book Cover Mastery

Business Training


Woo Me Please

Woo Me Please is a detailed step-by-step training course on installing WordPress and WooCommerce to get you started without spending huge amounts of money.

See more hereWoo Me Please

Activity Books Treasure Map

There’s More to Puzzle and Activity Books Than Just KDP and Printables

New niches with an old idea! Who knew?

See more hereActivity Books Treasure Map

Tribal Traction

This package containing over 360 pages of tutorials, checklists, cheat sheets, swipes, templates and more is your key to social media success!

See more here: Tribal Traction

Sell the Shovel

How to Start Your Own PLR and Commercial Use Business.

Re-opens February 2022

See more here: Sell the Shovel

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to one of the options below you acknowledge that you will only have access to the training courses while your subscription is active.

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Should you choose to cancel, your access will remain active until your subscription expires.

If a payment cannot be processed, your subscription will expire and access to all training courses will be de-activated.

If someone starts and then cancels the monthly membership on a continuous basis each time a new course launches, just to take advantage of the lower price, that person will be blocked from any further purchases on the site.

You may purchase any training at the full price as well. Customers who have paid the full price for any particular course will continue to have lifetime access to the training and resources.

No Refunds

Please note there are NO refunds on our products. If you buy a product and then raise a dispute, this is fraud. Your details will be forwarded to PayPal and your account blocked.

We have a lot of free products for you to try out before spending money.

If you have a problem, please submit a support ticket or send us an email. We are more than happy to assist you.