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29th January 2021 at 10am EST (5pm CAT)

Taking Activity Books To The Next Level

This training will teach your customers how to go beyond just the traditional activity books that they publish on KDP.

We cover the principle of repurposing their existing products into new and exciting variations that will expand their market base.

Affiliate Commission is 50% on $397 (Regular $497)

Commissions will be paid daily during the launch week (29 Jan to 5th Feb). Price increases after that.

Existing Affiliates can use the following link and replace XXXX with your affiliate. ID: https://plrplanners.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=214

The training is video based and includes the following:

  • Creating layouts and templates in PowerPoint
  • Multiple Layout Ideas
  • Getting Creative
  • Creating a Printable Activity Book from Niranjan’s Puzzle Generator
  • Creating a Printable Activity Book from Han’s Puzzle Maker Pro
  • Creating a Digital Activity Book for GoodNotes
  • Creating a Digital Activity Book for OneNote
  • Going beyond plain PDF printables – Creating DIY Activity Pockets and Activity Packs
  • Create Teacher’s Resources for Google Interactive Slides for Google Classroom
  • And other product ideas

I will be running a live Zoom call to answer questions for the trainees. 

I will also be adding additional product ideas as I explore and research them.

10 Bonus Products Included ($348.97)

Value $19.00

Value $39.00

Value $29.00

Value $29.00

Value $99.00

Value $34.00

Value $29.00

Value $27.97

Value $24.00

Value $19.00


Subject Lines:

Repurpose an old niche into brand new products.

Product categories people are ignoring in an old niche

Take Activity Books to a Whole New Level


Hi {Firstname}

Di Heuser from PLR Planners has just released a new training course that will change the way you look at activity books.

Her Activity Books Treasure Map training takes activity and puzzle books to a whole new level. She teaches you how to take your existing content and create brand new product types that very few people are targeting.

She makes you think outside of the box in terms of product creation. Her primary goal is to help you expand your market and your profits.

She is constantly researching new product ideas and will be sharing them with you as she finds them.

The best part is that she gives you over $300’s worth of bonuses that will give you a massive jumpstart on creating these types of products and to start selling them immediately.

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Diana Heuser

Diana Heuser