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Create Custom Color Swatches in PowerPoint

Color Me Custom is a PowerPoint plugin that allows people to create custom color swatches in PowerPoint using imported images or using the pen dropper tool.

Although PowerPoint already has some functionality in this area, the plugin makes it super simple to create a custom swatch without having to search for the hex color codes.

Launch price is $27. Price will increase on Tuesday the 15th of June 2021.

Affiliate Commission is 50% on $27

Commissions will be paid weekly.

Existing Affiliates can use the following link and replace XXXX with your affiliate ID. https://plrplanners.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=236

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Subject: Create Custom Swatches in PowerPoint in a Jiffy

Hi <first name>

Di Heuser and Hans Miedema have created another time-saving tool for you to use in PowerPoint when creating your journals and planners.

When you buy a plr planner or journal one of the challenges is to change the color scheme quickly and easily in PowerPoint. You have standard colors in PowerPoint but what if you want to use a specific color swatch?

Colo Me Custom allows you to do just that.

Import an image and select the colors based on any image

Save the swatch and then select it and it automatically adds your colors to the table and shape format options.

The best part is that you can import ready made swatches and just use.

Di and Hans have included 10 swatches already for you. They do have an upsell of 100 additional swatches for just $19.

Color Me Custom is available at $27 until Monday the 14th and then the price increases to $37.00

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Please note that this plugin will only work on a Windows PowerPoint application. It does not work on a mac or any other software.

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This is a huge time saver when customising your bought plr planners into something unique to you.


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Diana Heuser

Diana Heuser

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