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27 August 2021 at 10am EST (5pm CAT)

During the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s, a few people made money by finding gold. Most did not. However there were some people that became millionaires by selling something else.

They sold the shovels, pans, and other supplies to the thousands of people that flocked to California in search of gold.

One example is Samuel Brannan. He was considered to be the first millionaire west of the Mississippi. He became a millionaire during the California gold rush in 1849 by capitalizing on the needs of miners. He created a monopoly over mining goods and supplies in California.

This training course will teach your customers every aspect of creating a PLR and Commercial Use business for the Low Content Book Niche based on the same principle. 

We go through the basics of business management, outsourcing, finding and creating resources to resell as commercial use, time management and automation etc. We will be including several high value products that your customers can resell as PLR and Commercial Use to their PLR customers.

The course is a combination of video and PDF training.

N.B. I am releasing this training early due to popular demand which means not all modules will be ready by the time of launch. I will keep the launch price open for one week and then I will close registrations to the course until it is complete. It will be re-opened  at the regular price of $997.

Affiliate Commission is 30% on $397 (Regular $997)

Commissions will be paid every second day during the launch week (27 August 2021 – 3 September 2021 ). Registration will close on the 3rd of September

Existing Affiliates can use the following link and replace XXXX with your affiliate ID. https://plrplanners.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=226

Click Here to View Curriculum (Work in Progress)
Module 1 Start Here
Unit 1 How to use this training
Unit 2 What do you want to learn?
Module 2 What's New (30 August 2021)
Unit 1 Monthly Zoom Q&A Date
Unit 2 New Units and Modules Added (30 August 2021)
Module 3 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to Sell the Shovel
Module 4 Principles of a Successful Home Based Business
Unit 1 The Unique Challenges of a Home Business
Unit 2 The 7 Principles of a Lean Home Business
Unit 3 The Principle of Preparation
Unit 4 The Principle of Productivity
Unit 5 The Principle of Practice
Unit 6 The Principle of Prioritization
Unit 7 The Principle of Prevention
Unit 8 The Principle of Prediction
Unit 9 The Principle of Performance
Unit 10 The 2 Practices of Operating a Business
Unit 11 Summary
Module 5 Business Planning
Unit 1 What is a Business Plan and Why Do You Need One?
Unit 2 How to Pick Your Online Business Model
Unit 3 How to Conduct Market Research for Your Business
Unit 4 How to Define Your Unique Value Proposition
Unit 5 How to Write Your Elevator Speech for Your UVP
Unit 6 How to Set Your Short and Long Term Business Goals
Unit 7 How to Develop Your Sales and Marketing Plan
Unit 8 Determine Obstacles and Resources Needed
Unit 9 How to Implement Your Business Plan for Ultimate Success
Unit 10 The Essentials You Need to Know for Estimating Future Revenue
Unit 11 How to Determine If Your Business Plan Will Be Profitable
Unit 12 Download Documents
Module 6 Statutory Requirements
There are no units in this module.
Module 7 Business Roles
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 Systems and Processes
Unit 1 Getting Started - Download, Track and Rank
Module 9 Accounting
Unit 1 Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Your Business
Unit 2 Finance Tips All Business Owners Should Follow
Unit 3 Online Accounting Sytems
Unit 4 How to Find a Tax Consultant That Meets Your Business Needs
Unit 5 How to Reduce Your Small Business Tax Bill
Unit 6 Reasons to Separate Your Business Finances from Personal Finances
Module 10 Business Branding
Unit 1 What is your business?
Unit 2 Who is your client?
Unit 3 Content is King
Unit 4 Authenticity and Transparency
Unit 5 Download Documents
Module 11 Website
Unit 1 Buying a Domain and Hosting
Unit 2 Setting Up Name Servers
Unit 3 Overview of CPanel
Unit 4 Installing a SSL Certificate
Unit 5 Creating Email Addresses
Unit 6 Upgrading PHP Version
Module 12 WordPress
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Installation
Unit 3 The Basics of WordPress
Unit 4 Backing Up Your Site
Unit 5 Upgrading WordPress
Unit 6 Finding Compatible Themes
Unit 7 Using the default theme
Unit 8 Editor Layout Part 1
Unit 9 Editor Layout Part 2
Unit 10 Adding Blocks
Unit 11 Customizing Blocks
Unit 12 Manipulating Blocks Part 1
Unit 13 Manipulating Blocks Part 2
Unit 14 Adding and Customizing Text
Unit 15 Adding Images
Unit 16 Adding Lists
Unit 17 Adding Videos
Unit 18 Adding Audio
Unit 19 Image Overlay
Unit 20 Conclusion
Module 13 WooCommerce
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Themes
Unit 3 General
Unit 4 Products
Unit 5 Organisation
Unit 6 Attributes
Unit 7 Expansion
Unit 8 Automation
Module 14 Search Engine Optimisation
Unit 1 How Search Engines Work
Unit 2 Why is SEO Necessary?
Unit 3 Design your Content with Search Engines in mind
Unit 4 Keyword Research
Unit 5 Measurement and Tracking Results
Unit 6 Download Documents
Module 15 Membership Sites
Unit 1 Ideas for a Membership Site
Unit 2 How to create your Membership Program Workbook
Unit 3 Download the Calendar
Unit 4 Download Checklist
Module 16 Product Creation
There are no units in this module.
Module 17 Outsourcing
There are no units in this module.
Module 18 Marketing
There are no units in this module.
Module 19 Building an email list
Unit 1 What content to send to build the relationship and credibility
Unit 2 How to come up with Irresistible Offers Your Customer will Love to Buy
Unit 3 How to Get Loads of Leads onto your List (both Free and Paid)
Unit 4 Testing and Tracking your List Building
Unit 5 Download Documents
Module 20 Generating Traffic to your Site
There are no units in this module.
Module 21 Automating your business
There are no units in this module.
Module 22 Succession Planning
There are no units in this module.
Module 23 Master Resale Rights Products for You
Unit 1 Cherry Vineyard Pack
Unit 2 Grey Matter Pack
Unit 3 2022 Weekly Planner

A few of the Bonus Resources

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Diana Heuser