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28th May 2021 at 10am EST (5pm CAT)

Create an E-commerce store using WooCommerce

This training will teach your customers how to create an ecommerce store using woocommerce, from the basics to shipping and intergration. Everything you need to know and more.

Affiliate Commission is 30% on $97 (Regular $147) Price will increase on the 5th of June 2021.

Existing Affiliates can use the following link and replace XXXX with your affiliate ID. https://plrplanners.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=234

The training is video based and includes the following:

Module 1 Introduction and Overview of WooCommerce
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Download Checklist
Module 2 Domain Registration and Hosting
Unit 1 Buying a domain and hosting
Unit 2 Cpanel Overview
Unit 3 Updating Name Servers
Unit 4 Setting up email addresses
Module 3 Installing WordPress and a Theme
Unit 1 Install WordPress
Unit 2 Upgrading PHP Version
Unit 3 How to install a theme
Unit 4 Installing a SSL Certificate
Module 4 Required Plugins Setup
Unit 1 Word Fence Security
Unit 2 Cookie Compliance
Unit 3 WooCommerce
Unit 4 Jet Pack
Unit 5 Payment Gateway
Unit 6 WooCommerce Shipping and Taxes Plugins
Module 5 Setting up WordPress
Unit 1 Logo
Unit 2 General Settings
Unit 3 Permalinks
Unit 4 Discussion
Unit 5 Reading
Unit 6 Contact Us Page
Unit 7 About Us Page
Unit 8 Menus
Unit 9 Social Media Links
Unit 10 Setting up Side Bar & Widgets
Module 6 Setting up WooCommerce
Unit 1 General Settings
Unit 2 Sales Tax
Unit 3 Shipping
Unit 4 Payments
Module 7 Setting up your Products
Unit 1 Creating a Digital product
Unit 2 Creating a Physical Product
Unit 3 Integration with POD Companies
Module 8 Finishing Touches
Unit 1 A note about Privacy and Disclaimer Pages
Unit 2 Keeping your site updated
Module 9 Module 9 - Marketing Tools and Strategies
Unit 1 Marketing Strategy Worksbooks

Diana Heuser

Diana Heuser

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