PLR Planners Toolkit – Not Your Type

Introducing a brand new addition to the PLR Planner Toolkit range of products. Not Your Type is a PowerPoint plugin that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint (2013 and above).

Not Your Type allows you to change all or some of your text inside a PowerPoint document with a click of a button. You can choose if you want to change just the font, or the size or the color. If you select a particular text field, you can filter the plugin to bring up all text fields that match your filter and then change all the fields to your new settings without affecting the rest of the text in the document.

This means you can take a PLR PowerPoint Journal or Planner and change the font variables in an instant to make it a completely different document for publishing.

Although PowerPoint has some functionality in this regard, it will convert all the text. Our Not Your Type plugin will allow you to select which text boxes you want to change e.g. just the body fonts, without affecting the other text fields.

PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS. Read the FAQ below to make sure your PowerPoint version will work with this plugin.

View the video below for a demonstration.

I’m next door to speechless! This tool, after I recover from the giddiness of playing with it, will save me heaps of time and help personalize PLR and purchased assets quickly and easily! This software is truly a game changer! I cannot wait take my existing planners and totally alter the tone and feel of the interiors with new fonts then relaunch with fresh covers. THANK YOU, DI! Practically perfect in every way!

Christy Johnson

Software Requirements

These are the requirements for using the “Not Your Type” PowerPoint Plug-In:

  • Only works with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Only works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or higher.
  • Only works with Microsoft PowerPoint on a Windows Operating System.

This software…

  • WILL NOT work on a Mac Operating System.
  • WILL NOT work with version of Microsoft PowerPoint, preceding version 2013.
  • WILL NOT work with Libre Office or Open Office.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why aren’t you offering a refund on this offer? Don’t you believe in your product?

A1: We do believe in our product.

We also know that if you are using Microsoft Windows with the Microsoft PowerPoint (2013 or newer) product, then you will have no problems with the software operating exactly as described.

We have demonstrated how the software works in text format and video format.

If you are unsure about your purchase of this software, then please don’t make a purchase today.

Q2: What if I want to take my chances using your software with Libre Office or Open Office?

A2: You will be wasting your money.

It is not even possible for our software to work with Libre Office or Open Office.

Q3: What if I want to take my chances using your software on a MacIntosh operating system?

A3: Again, you will be wasting your money.

We have tested our software with Microsoft PowerPoint on a Mac OS. It doesn’t work.

Q4: What will I receive in the delivery file?

A4: This product is delivered inside of a 68mb Zip file.

Inside the Zip file, you will find:

  • The software Setup file.
  • Two (2) training videos.
  • One (1) PDF file showing the same steps demonstrated inside the training videos.

Q5: Are there any up-sells with this offer?

A5: No.

Q6: Are you planning on doing updates to the software in the future?

A6: We are not planning on it, but we are not ruling it out either.

Microsoft occasionally does updates that might impact this software. If that were to happen, we will do a software update.

If we decide there might be a better way to do a particular part of the process, we may update the software for that purpose as well.

No Refunds

Please note there are NO refunds on our products. If you buy a product and then raise a dispute, this is fraud. Your details will be forwarded to PayPal and your account blocked.

We have a lot of free products for you to try out before spending money.

If you have a problem, please submit a support ticket or send us an email. We are more than happy to assist you.