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Have You Ever Thought About
Adding Calendars to Your Journals & Planners?


Wouldn’t that just be so cool to have a simple tool that made adding calendars to your books extremely easy to do?


For me, being able to add calendars to my books has always been the Holy Grail of creating planners…

I will be honest… The process of creating calendars to add to my books was never as easy as I thought it should be… Yeah, I could do it, but it was a painful process…

Microsoft Excel made things easier when I was putting together calendars for my books, but there was still a bit of a learning curve and a process to it…

 So after Hans Miedema finished building the “Powerpoint Replicator,” I asked him if there was something we could do to make the process of making calendar pages easier too…


I figured it didn’t hurt to ask, right?


I am so glad I asked him if we could do something like this…

Introducing the “Powerpoint Calendar Creator”



I really appreciate how Hans has given us a lot of flexibility in how we make our calendar pages…


Our “Powerpoint Calendar Creator” software is going to be a godsend for many people…


Take a look for yourself…






As you can see, there are plenty of options available to help you fully customize how you display calendars inside your books…


After you choose all of your settings, then there are only three (3) more steps involved:


  1. Select Powerpoint File
  2. Verify Powerpoint
  3. Generate Calendar






When you select a Weekly calendar for example, you get another set of variables to add to your templates, different than what was shown for the monthly calendar in the first image…


Another thing that may be of interest to many of you is that you can create calendars in seven (7) different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.




Watch the Short Video Below to See
“Powerpoint Calendar Creator” Software In Action


I have a feeling you are going to like what you see…



It looks awesome and super easy-to-use, doesn’t it?


The bottom line on this software is that if you have ever wanted to add calendars to your journals or planners, this software will make it so easy that you will wonder why no one has ever developed something like this before…

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Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.


Let me be very clear…

We are NOT offering a money-back guarantee with this offer.

Be darn sure you are comfortable with this purchase, before you hit the BUY button.

There will be NO REFUNDS.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What if I would like to develop a calendar using a language you didn’t include?


A1: Contact me at diana@plrplanners.com to request the additional languages.


We currently have support for seven (7) different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.


We have the ability to represent any language or dialect that is currently supported by Microsoft Windows.


If we add additional languages or make any other improvements to the software, we will email you to let you know where to download the most recent updates.


Q2: Will this software work with Mac computers, Libre Office or Open Office?


A2: No.


This software DOES NOT WORK with the Mac versions of Excel or Powerpoint.


Our software DOES NOT WORK with Libre Office or Open Office either. This software does not work, and never will work with Libre Office or Open Office due to the inclusion of VBA code in this software.




Q3: What if I have questions that haven’t yet been answered?


A3: I can be contacted by email at: diana@plrplanners.com


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Di Heuser & Hans Miedema