PowerPoint Stitched Digital Cover Creator

Several people asked me if I could create a digital cover creator like the one I did for Photoshop. As PowerPoint does not have the same functionality as Photoshop, this was initially a challenge. I have however solved that problem now for you.

You will need to open your ‘Selection’ panel in order to work with the layers on PowerPoint.

You can toggle the layers on and off to get different effects on your covers:

  • Spirals (gold and silver)
  • Two types of top shadows
  • Bottom Shadow
  • Clasp 
  • Button

Edit the cover ‘shape’ by filling it either with a color or an image. Make sure your images are the right proportions otherwise it will distort the image. 

N.B. If you are a Digital Planner Bonanza member who has the Gold Pack, please DO NOT buy this. It is included in your Gold Pack membership.