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The number one issue that Self-Published Authors have always had with publishing books through standard Print-On-Demand (POD) publishers, such as Amazon, Ingram and others, is the lack of choice for bindings and covers.

It is reminiscent of the quote from Henry Ford when he said, “You could buy (his) Model T in any color you want, so long as it was black.

Since journals, diaries, planners, puzzle books, activity books and coloring books are books that people write inside of, the perfect-bound cover is less than an ideal binding choice.

Perfect-bound books are fine if you are publishing a novel or a textbook.

But if someone is going to be writing inside of a book, they will frequently push down hard on the binding to force the book to stay open to the page where they are writing…

Which breaks down the strength of the binding, and over time, it will weaken the binding to the point where the book may start falling apart and pages start falling out of the book.

The last thing a customer wants to have happen is for the pages to fall out of his or her diary or planner.

Spiral Bound or Coil Bound
Is The Perfect Printing Solution

You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to realize that Spiral-Bound or Coil-Bound books are the perfect solution for those who publish journals, diaries, planners, cookbooks, puzzle books, activity books, coloring books and even children’s books.

By switching to Spiral-Bound books, consumers will receive the awesome benefit of having a lay-flat book binding, which will never lose its strength or resilience.

The problem however is that neither Createspace or Amazon offer a Spiral-Bound book through their printing processes.

An additional problem is the “Google Effect“…

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is this thing called “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“, which is a process that websites use to make sure their websites rank well inside of Google’s search results.

SEO itself is not a bad thing, but the websites that have been really successful with it tend to charge a lot more for their services than the people who don’t rank well within the Google search results.

No matter what keywords you type into Google to find Print-On-Demand companies, the first 20-30 search results will be companies that tend to charge obscene prices and many of them have minimum purchase requirements.

To put this in perspective, I once found a company that did Leather Books, and they charged $30 per book if you purchased a minimum of 100 copies, but they charged $140 per book if you only purchased one book at a time!

As the old saying goes, “I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

The “Google Effect,” as I call it, is that most companies who rank well in Google and offer Print-On-Demand services are the robber-barons of the modern age.

POD Spiral-Bound & Coil-Bound Books
Without The Robber-Baron Prices

This information is not easy to come by, to be honest…

My first attempt at finding a reliable Print-On-Demand printer, who was capable of printing Spiral-Bound books at decent wholesale prices failed…

My second attempt also failed…

On my third attempt, I spent two whole days searching, then just as I was about to give up, I found GOLD…

Here are some Sample Wholesale Prices for Spiral-Bound Books using the POD Printer we recommend:

  • 6.5 x 9 inches, has a soft cover in full color, and 120 black and white interior pages costs me $3.65 before shipping
  • 8.5 x 11 inches, with 70 black and white interior pages and only costs me $4.04 before shipping

Given that we sell our journals for an average of $8 to $14, plus shipping costs, we are able to make some healthy profits with our Spiral-Bound Journals.

This Print-On-Demand Printer will be able to satisfy your printing needs for both Spiral-Bound and Perfect-Bound books, printing both versions at very attractive wholesale prices.

Drop-Shipping Makes It Easy

You only need to design your books, upload them to the Wholesale POD Printer we tell you about, then sell your books from any website that allows you to sell books or products.

We recommend selling your Spiral-Bound Books from any of the following websites:

  • Etsy
  • Your Own Website, using WordPress plus WooCommerce
  • Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Any website that lets you sell your own products

Once a sale is made:

  • Collect the money you have been paid
  • Get the customer’s shipping address
  • Visit the website we recommend
  • Order your book
  • Put in the customer’s shipping address
  • Pay for the book and shipping costs
  • Advise your customer that their order has been processed (Orders are always printed and shipped within three (3) business days or less)

Inside of the “Spiral Profits” training, you will discover:

  • Why people will want to buy your books;
  • Two ways to make more money with your books;
  • How to avoid purchasing books before you sell them;
  • Links to two sample stores, where you can see how to put things together;
  • The Print-On-Demand Printing Companies we recommend;
  • How to set up your account with the POD Printers; and
  • Links to three (3) videos that show you how to compile and upload your books to the Print-On-Demand Printing Company.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will this work if I live outside the United States?

A1: Yes, it will. The Print-On-Demand Printer is located within the United States.

Orders are always printed and shipped within three (3) business days or less.

They can ship your orders anywhere in the world, but you will want to double-check shipping costs if you plan on shipping books outside the United States.

Using this POD Printer, we have manufactured and shipped spiral-bound books to the United States and South Africa without any problems.

Shipping to South Africa was much more expensive, but we were able to do it.


Q2: Are there any Set Up Fees with these POD Printers?

A2: There are NO Set Up Fees involved with these printing companies.

Simply upload your book manuscript through their control panel, set up your cover, paper size and binding, then save your book.

They do recommend that you order one copy of the book for yourself, to make sure that your book is printing correctly, BEFORE you start selling to customers. (All Print-On-Demand Printers make this recommendation, as do we.)


Q3: Can I really just order one book at a time using this Print-On-Demand Printer, without minimum orders or paying expensive rates?

A3: Absolutely yes.

Our recommendation to use this POD Printer is based on seven facts:

  1. You can order one book at a time;
  2. There are no costs other than the cost of printing a single book and shipping it;
  3. Your wholesale price for printing books using this POD Printer is very reasonable and affordable — allowing you ample room for profits on your books;
  4. They are able to print and ship within just three (3) business days from when the order is placed;
  5. They can and will ship anywhere in the world;
  6. They can print Perfect-Bound or Spiral-Bound books;
  7. They have proven themselves to be a reliable supplier.


Q4: How long will it take me to upload my first book to this POD Printer?

A4: It will take you about 30 minutes to go through this training.

Once you have your book manuscript together, it will take — on average — less than fifteen (15) minutes to upload your book manuscript to the POD Printing Company.

Your experience may vary.

Very literally, this is a very easy process.

It might take you a bit longer the first few times you do it, but once you are comfortable with the process, it takes almost no time at all to do.


Q5: What if I have additional questions that you did not answer on this page?

A5: You can send any and all questions to Diana Heuser via her support email address: diana@plrplanners.com

Although I answer most support emails within just a few hours, I do request up to 72 hours to respond, as I do occasionally step away from the computer for a couple days at a time.


Q6: What paper options are provided by the POD Printing Company?

A6: They have the Standard White (60# Offset 24LB Bond 90 gsm), Creme (50# Offset 24LB Bond 74 gsm) and a Lightweight White Paper (40# Offset 13LB Bond 60 gsm).

They can print any size from 4×6 to A4, which is slightly larger than 8.5×11.

The covers that they use are described as lay-flat laminate cover, in a gloss or matte style. There is no indication as to the weight of the paper used for the covers.


Q7: Can you give me an idea about shipping costs of books?

A7: Shipping costs will vary according to the weight of the package and the shipping options you choose, which may include:

  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Priority Flat-Rate
  • USPS Media Mail (domestic only)
  • USPS Parcel
  • USPS First Class
  • UPS Next Day (Next Day AM and Next Day Air Saver where available)
  • UPS Second Day (Second Day Air AM where available)
  • UPS 3-Day Air
  • UPS Ground





Diana Heuser

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