1Building a Self-Publishing Business
Can Be Exciting & Very Lucrative

The Challenge For Most People Is
How To Execute On The Basic Concept

Here is where I can help you and why you should keep reading…

My name is Di Heuser, and I am one of the “Go To People,” people rely upon, when it comes to self-publishing journals, diaries and planners…

To date, I have published over 1,200 books, and I have been instrumental in helping others do the same…

Many of my customers have gone on to earning a few hundred or a few thousand dollars per month in book royalties, using the publishing resources and training I have made a available to them.

We Do Things Just A Bit Differently
Than Most People Who Take On Self-Publishing

Utilizing our approach, we are primarily concerned with the size of our royalty checks, and we are not at all concerned about any notoriety…

We are not attempting to be the next Stephen King or James Patterson.

We are not looking to get exposure on the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

We are not even trying to become famous — rich yes, famous no…

We don’t much care about Amazon’s Top 100 List, but that would be nice once in a while…

We don’t care about those things, because we don’t need those things to be successful at what we do…

We Are Simple Car Mechanics Operating In a World
Where Artsy-Fartsy Car Owners Show Off Their Supercars

We are operating in a segment of book publishing that accounts for $1.2 billion in annual sales…

We participate in this genre, because we are looking to get our piece of the self-publishing pie…

We don’t have to be famous to become wealthy…

In fact, we don’t even need to have best-selling books to cash healthy book-royalty checks…

Because we are publishing books in a genre where we can create a whole lot of books in a relatively short time-frame…

There Are Two Ways
We Can Create Fat Book-Royalty Checks

This is going to sound really silly, but it is true…

We can create healthy book-royalty checks in one of two ways:

  1. We can create one book that hundreds of thousands of people love; or
  2. We can create lots of books that only a few people love…

Like it or not, it is far easier to create ordinary books that people are happy to buy, than it is to create exciting books that everyone in America will love…

Which is why our approach is considered by many to be so counter-intuitive…

Let’s Do Some Quick Math

The average book I publish produces five dollars in book royalties for every copy someone buys.

I have published 1,200 individual book titles.

If I am able to sell an average of three copies of each of the books I have published each month, how does that work out for me?

1,200 x 3 sales per month x $5 per book
= $18,000 per month in book royalties

In the formula shown immediately above, I am just trying to give you an idea of my calculus in this process…

Some of my books will sell no books in a given month…

Some will sell dozens of copies per month…

Occasionally, some of my books will sell hundreds of copies in a month…

FTC Disclaimer:

This is not a guarantee of what you will earn
from your book publishing business…

I shared these numbers with you as a representation of what
we attempt to create with our self-publishing businesses…

I cannot guarantee what you will earn from your self-publishing
business, because I have no idea what kind of time or effort
you will invest to make your business work for you.

Instead of Trying to Create a Single Best-Seller
We Focus Our Efforts on Giving Consumers a Lot of Options

You have to ask yourself one very important question…

How many ways can you package a simple diary?

Let’s count the ways…

You can put on the front cover of your book:

  • First names of girls;
  • First names of boys;
  • Blank lines so people can write in their names;
  • Animals;
  • Cars;
  • Planes, trains and automobiles;
  • Nature shots;
  • Artwork;
  • And a lot of other things I didn’t even mention…

The above list could result in over 20,000 simple diaries, just using popular first names for girls and boys…

Think about that…

Are you starting to see the beauty of this approach?

All of the Bobby’s of the world may not be interested in your diary, but the Elizabeth’s of the world may beat each other up in the book store to get their copy of your book…

Heck, you could even do “My First Year at Roosevelt School Student Journal,” and you could have it available to all sixty kids in the first grade class at Roosevelt School.

At five dollars per copy sold, you are banging $300 in book royalties on just one book, a book that basically has the exact same content as the “My First Year at Woodlands School Student Journal”.

Ding. Ding.

Is this starting to make sense to you, how this could be a very lucrative business model for you?

Here Is Why You Are
In the Exact Right Place Right Now

I am a book publishing machine…

I can publish another five books in the time most people spend making a pot of coffee in the morning…

And I do on most days…

But here is the beauty of it all…

I don’t just create books for myself, then go on my merry way…

I also create PLR Book Manuscripts that my customers can purchase from me, book manuscripts they can use as the starting point for their own books that they also self-publish…

Every month, I load new items in the following categories to my website:

  • PLR Book Manuscripts
  • PLR Book Template Packages
  • PLR Book Cover Designs
  • PLR Graphics
  • PLR Coloring Book Resources

The first thing you need to know is that “PLR” means “Private Label Rights,” meaning that you can use these materials to produce your own books to sell.

You can use these items to create and publish your own books to sell on Amazon, ETSY, your own website, or anywhere else your heart desires.

The only limitation is that you cannot sell these materials to other book authors.

The second thing you need to know is that I produce a lot of materials for other authors to use within their books.

Here Is Why You Should
Join Di Heuser’s VIP Club Today

Should you choose to join my “VIP Club”, you will get access to Stand-Alone PLR Packages I produce for one year, for one awesome low price.

In a typical month, I produce:

  • 3 PLR Book Manuscripts ($24 each)
  • 3 PLR Book Template Packages ($9 each)
  • 1 Package of PLR Book Cover Templates ($19 each)
  • A Variable number of PLR Graphics (Variable Pricing)

If you don’t want to become a “VIP Club” member, you could always come around and buy the rights to individual packages as I make them available in my store. 

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If you do become a “VIP Club” member, you will get access to Stand-Alone PLR Packages I produce in the next year for a one-time purchase price that is so incredible that it will absolutely blow your socks off.

You will also gain immediate access to all Stand-Alone PLR Packages currently available in the store.

Here are the numbers that should excite you. You will get:

  • All Stand-Alone PLR Packages currently in the store ($2976 value);
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  • All Stand-Alone PLR Packages added to the store over the next calendar year (Over $1400 estimated value)…
  • Total retail value of this offer (Over $4376 estimated value)…

And you will be getting your hands on all of the described materials for just $1997 for the first year, then $997 annually after the first year.

If You Buy Now, You Will Be Getting a 78% Discount,
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You will get all of the Stand-Alone PLR products currently available in the store and all of the Stand-Alone PLR products I add to the store for the next year.

There will be a few exceptions that are not included in this offer. Excluded items include:

  • Coloring Art Design (CAD) Packages
  • Book A Day System (BADS) Packages
  • Kick Starter (KS) Packages
  • Training Products
  • Automation Tools

All other Stand-Alone PLR Packages described on this page will be included in this offer.

With the assets you will be picking up as a “VIP Club” member, you will have all of the resources you need to build a serious self-publishing business, where you will also be able to target giving consumers more options to buy from you.

Because that is key to this business model. We give people as many opportunities as we can muster, for them to buy our books and give us money for the books we have published.

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