Have you always wanted your own e-commerce store but don’t have the technological knowledge on how to do it and you don’t have a huge budget?

Woo Me Please is a detailed step-by-step training course on installing WordPress and WooCommerce to get you started without spending huge amounts of money.

Starting your own e-commerce site, on your own domain, is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make.

Relying on third party platforms like Etsy, Amazon KDP etc. can be very risky. Your accounts can be closed without any recourse, on a whim.

Just this weekend a friend of mine had all three of her Etsy accounts closed with absolutely no explanation at all. She cannot contest it and she is barred from every opening an Etsy account ever again.

People have lost their Amazon KDP accounts and Merchant accounts as well. No explanation. No recourse. Nothing.

All your income obliterated in an instant!

Those third party platforms are very useful for building up exposure to your brand but it is a huge risk. Everyone of my Etsy and Amazon accounts already have a website setup for the brand just in case this happens to me.

I have been setting up WordPress and WooCommerce sites for myself and customers since 2010. I can now do them in my sleep.

Here is what is so great about using WordPress and WooCommerce to setup up your own store:

  • The tools you need to create a working e-commerce site are FREE
  • The only thing you have to pay to get started is the cost of the domain and your hosting
  • That makes it totally affordable for just about anyone to start their own e-commerce site
  • You can sell both digital and physical products on your store
  • You can even use drop shipping companies like Printful and Printify and more because they have direct integrations into WooCommerce
  • You can calculate both shipping costs and sale taxes using the free WooCommerce plugins
  • You can connect your email list directly to WooCommerce with free plugins
  • You can install free Social Sharing software that will enable people to find you on your various social media accounts directly from your website
  • You can even install free chat software that allows you to communicate with your customers via your cell phone in real time

But Di, I have zero tech skills in setting up a website ….

That’s okay. I have been doing this for so long that I now have a checklist that I follow to get every new site up and running within a day (at the most).

  • I will take you through each step and show you how to do it.
  • We will cover topics like cpanel, php versions, ssl certificates, creating email addresses, installing themes and plugins and other scary terms.
  • Then I will demonstrate each step of configuring WordPress and WooCommerce in detail.
  • We will go through creating your first digital and physical product so that you can start selling immediately.

Once we have done all that, I will share some marketing and sales strategies with you to get traffic to your site.

Not only will I share the strategies but I will show you how to set it up so you never have to worry about it again. 


Introducing “Woo Me Please”



Course Outline

The training is video based and includes the following:

Module 1 Introduction and Overview of WooCommerce
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 Download Checklist  
Module 2 Domain Registration and Hosting
Unit 1 Buying a domain and hosting  
Unit 2 Cpanel Overview  
Unit 3 Updating Name Servers  
Unit 4 Setting up email addresses  
Module 3 Installing WordPress and a Theme
Unit 1 Install WordPress  
Unit 2 Upgrading PHP Version  
Unit 3 How to install a theme  
Unit 4 Installing a SSL Certificate  
Module 4 Required Plugins Setup
Unit 1 Word Fence Security  
Unit 2 Cookie Compliance  
Unit 3 WooCommerce  
Unit 4 Jet Pack  
Unit 5 Payment Gateway  
Unit 6 WooCommerce Shipping and Taxes Plugins  
Module 5 Setting up WordPress
Unit 1 Logo  
Unit 2 General Settings  
Unit 3 Permalinks  
Unit 4 Discussion  
Unit 5 Reading  
Unit 6 Contact Us Page  
Unit 7 About Us Page  
Unit 8 Menus  
Unit 9 Social Media Links  
Unit 10 Setting up Side Bar & Widgets  
Module 6 Setting up WooCommerce
Unit 1 General Settings  
Unit 2 Sales Tax  
Unit 3 Shipping  
Unit 4 Payments  
Module 7 Setting up your Products
Unit 1 Creating a Digital product  
Unit 2 Creating a Physical Product  
Unit 3 Integration with POD Companies  
Module 8 Finishing Touches
Unit 1 A note about Privacy and Disclaimer Pages  
Unit 2 Keeping your site updated  
Module 9 Module 9 - Marketing Tools and Strategies
Unit 1 Marketing Strategy Worksbooks  

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What format is the course?

A: The training is all video based

QAre there any upsells?

A: No. This is it. You will get all the tools and resources you need to get started.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Nope. Sorry. You will getting a lot of commercial use resources from me which you can download when the training starts.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Please use the contact form to get hold of me.

Diana Heuser