Self-doubt is an insidious enemy to a successful life. We all go through it, and it can sometimes cripple you to such an extent that you do nothing.

One of the primary sources of self-doubt is comparing yourself to others.    So you look at your peers, friends or the people you know on Facebook that are in the same industry as you and they all seem to be doing so well.

Or so you think …
Unless you actually get to see their bank accounts or sales reports, you actually have no idea on how well they are doing or not.   But by comparing yourself to them, you have wasted a valuable resource. It’s not time that is so valuable. It’s YOU!

Your skills, abilities and value system are unique to you. You have something special to offer the world, but you have allowed your dream to become clouded because of self-doubt.

It really does not matter how successful other people are. It has no actual impact on your life in any way.

What is important is what you do each and every day that brings you closer to your dreams and goals. 

It does not matter if you make one sale a day for the rest of the year, while everyone else appears to be doing better. Their sales are not going to help your bank account, but … your one sale a day will.

“Yeah Di, but I have <insert challenge or problem> that is stopping me.” is a common response I get from some people.

I get it. Life is tough and some of you are dealing with some horrific challenges. But you are still here, and you have a purpose.

I want you to be successful. I want you to know that feeling of pure exhilaration when you achieve a goal that makes a substantial difference to your life.

But I cannot do it all for you. All I can do is provide the tools and training to help you get it done as fast and efficiently as possible.

So here is my challenge to you today.

Get one book published. Just one. Put it on your website, Etsy store or put it in on Amazon.   Do it. Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And again.

“Just keep swimming” is one my favourite lines from “Finding Nemo”. Dory was a complete dork, but she is a classic example of a character that had real value to add to the story despite the viewer’s initial judgement of her.

You can get started immediately in a red hot niche. The Back to School market is huge. Over 50 million children will be attending school in the 2019-2020 school year. There is more than enough for all of us to make some money by publishing school planners.

All you need to do with one of the five planners I have in the Back to School Bundle, is change the copyright information and then publish it.

Three of the planners are for children. There is one parents planner and one teacher’s planner.

I have videos on the sales page showing you exactly what you get in each journal. You can either buy each one individually or you can buy the bundle with a 22% discount and a bonus.

I have also provided a long list of how you can use the planners to generate income.

Read more here …

No Refunds

Please note there are NO refunds on our products because they are digital downloads that you can start reselling immediately.

Before you spend any of your hard earned money: (Scroll down)

  • This is NOT a get-rich-quick business idea. It does take work but it is worth it, if you commit to doing the work.
  • We have thousands of customers who are making a good living re-selling our products but it does take work and time.
  • Watch the Getting Started video here. This will help you to understand what needs to be done.
  • You have either PowerPoint or Affinity Publisher on your computer to edit the documents.
  • Every product on our site has either detailed product previews or a online flipbook to see what is in the package you are buying.
  • All our products are delivered in ZIP format. You have to unzip or extract the files onto your computer before you are able to work with them.
  • Any product you buy will not be emailed to you. You have to log into your account on our site and download it from your dashboard.
  • You cannot re-sell the source (PowerPoint or Affinity Publisher) document for the planner. You must save it as a PDF.
  • You create your own product previews and do NOT use our logo or Company name on Etsy or any other platform. Unfortunately some people have just uploaded our product previews and then we get accused of using their products, when in fact it is the other way around. We do issue take-down notices on Etsy (after trying to contact the sellers to remove it) if the previews are not changed.
  • If you raise a chargeback just because you regret buying the product,  this is classified as consumer fraud. Unfortunately due to the high number of disputes raised by unethical people, we have been forced to implement this policy and we fight every chargeback. We always win our cases with Paypal


Now having got all the grumpy stuff out of the way, this is a great way for you to make money. If you are prepared to spend some time marketing and honing your skills you can make a decent living, if not a very profitable side-hustle. The only person who can do that for you is yourself. We are here to help in anyway. 

Next Steps: 

  • Download one of our FREE products to test the market and to establish whether this is the business for you.
  • join our Facebook group to ask questions and network with other successful re-sellers.
  • If you have a problem, please submit a support ticket on your dashboard or send us an email

Di and Simone