Dress Up Your Coloring Books
With These Beautiful
Coloring Book Artwork Designs


People are always asking, “Why aren’t my coloring books selling?”

Often times, the answer is actually pretty simple…

Your coloring books don’t stand out from the crowd, and they fail to spark the imagination of consumers.

As coloring book authors, it is our responsibility to create a book that will provide its buyers hours of entertainment and pleasure.

But before people can enjoy what we have created, our books have to stand out in a crowd of competitors, win their attention, and capture their imagination.

The way that we get people’s interest is with the artwork on our book covers and inside our book previews.


This Is How We Can Help YOU

The best selling coloring books on the market today are typically built around a central theme.

They contain a few dozen coloring art designs that match a particular topic, although each design is different enough to keep the customer moving with excitement from one design to the next.

The designs we are making available with this offer are exceptional in their quality, and they will provide you a lot of materials to work with when you are designing coloring books.

We have combined beautiful coloring book artwork with a variety of dresses in line-art format, providing you the opportunity to get your hands on hundreds of illustrations you can add to your coloring books.


Take a Moment to Think About Your Audience

It is estimated that over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide in over 150 countries, with Mattel claiming that three Barbie dolls are sold every second. With every Barbie doll comes a range of accessories to dress her up.

Barbie dolls spark the imagination of little girls world-wide. But the love of clothing and accessories never really goes away.

The collection of coloring book dresses we have included inside this package have the very real potential of capturing the interest of women all over the world, who are drawn to the beauty of these designs.


Dress Up These PLR Designs
To Make Something Truly Special

To help your coloring books stand apart from the crowd, you might want to add these coloring book dresses to line-art designs of women in all of their beauty.

You might want to put together these dresses with illustrations of women doing fun & exciting things.

While the dresses could stand on their own as the only artwork on the page, they are often best used as the focal point of your more detailed coloring art designs.

The artwork we are offering to you will provide you the starting point for creating coloring books that are unique, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

Each package contains 8 individual dress designs, and each pattern is different. There are 120 unique coloring images in each package.


Princess Dresses 01

Princess Dresses 04

Princess Dresses 02

Princess Dresses 05

Princess Dresses ALL

Get 6 Packs for the Price of 5

Princess Dresses 03

Princess Dresses 06

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